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Welcome to The Lovet Shop

Located in the quaint coastal town of Milford, CT

We focus on small designers who believe in

well-made women's clothing & accessories.

Designers We Carry









Prairie Underground is committed to designing every garment to be durable and adaptable. They are committed to ensuring garments are ecologically and ethically sustainable. They support garment production in an ethical manner that respects the rights and lives of sewers. 


Their clothing has always been manufactured in Seattle within fifteen minutes of their warehouse. ​​Their sustained commitment to domestic U.S production has insured higher wages, safe work conditions, and a workforce with agency and opportunity for advancement.



My mom used to tell me I could do anything in the world if I put my whole heart into it. Anyone can put their mind into something, but when you put your heart into it and give all of yourself, it's a different kind of drive. You do things with love and with passion.

I'm Julia, the founder and designer of Jackson Rowe. Jackson Rowe is the marriage of my grandparent's names Jack & Rose. I want you to feel confident that your products are made with purpose, thought and care. That's why every item in our collection is beyond clothing. It’s about quality and craftsmanship to ensure the perfect fit. We believe in designing clothing that feels like a moment in time, like a happy memory you'll never forget. 

Thank you to all of our amazing customers that have been the inspiration to be more, do more and create more memories for you and the incredible people who inspire us all!

Julia Lefeaux | Jackson Rowe |



Made with Love in LA

As an active member of the slow fashion community, LAmade knows just how important the people behind the clothes are. Established in 2004 by immigrants who came to the U.S. with the American Dream, we made it our mission to create ethical contemporary women’s clothing that wasn’t created at the expense of our employees.



Our call to action is eco-awareness. We are responding by taking time and taking care of nature in every way we can. Our mission is to bring Sanctuary to the forefront of the eco-movement and be a more socially and environmentally conscious lifestyle brand.

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